Thursday, January 27, 2011

Return of the Masonic Bling Fever

Every illness when it strikes a second time hits harder and lasts longer and can have debilitating effects on its recipient. It took long hours in therapy and a hard rehabilitation to get over my first case of Masonic Bling Fever (MBF) but eventually I was able to pass over ebay from my bookmarks without getting the shakes. My curio cabinet and my bank account healed and I was a normal member of society again....then I became a Past Master!
Since I no longer had a major part in a recent degree at lodge and do not have to study ritual any more I found my self nonchalantly searching for a Past Masters ring on ebay, amazon, google. Like my first case of MBF it innocently starts with a ring search then I realized I needed a new emblem on my truck, a new lapel pin, formal wear, trailer hitch, you name it since I was now entitled to wear a new kind of symbol I needed to put it on everything. It is crazy. The only difference between this bout of MBF and my last bout of it was that I was gainfully employed and had only one child with my first infection, this time I don't have a job and have three kids, so the ease at which I can confirm a bid or complete a purchase is greatly diminished if not in fact stopped right in its tracks.
Another problem with a re-infection of MBF is that the Past Master stuff is way more expensive than the regular square and compasses stuff, but the hunger remains.
Luckily I was given an Amazon gift card for Christmas so I was able to relieve the symptoms with a new book, The Beauty and Glory of the Day: A Masonic Devotional. A very good Brother of mine has been toting a well worn and dog eared copy of this very good book along with him for a while so since it was within my means I got myself a copy. It is a very short and sweet book and totally focuses the reader on daily spiritual reminders and prayers of the working tools of Freemasonry. Unlike the multitude of other Masonic books in my library that exploded in my last bout of MBF this is not a history or exploration but a practice book and fits right in to my new role as Chaplain and PM.
I must get by every day just browsing until the fever ends by running its course or until I win the lottery and buy the ring above which would kill the infection much faster!


Michael A. Williams, Sr said...

You know, admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery!

Quarryman said... name is Steve...(Hi Steve!)...and I also have MBF.

What you have said is so true. I was drooling over the picture on your blog - that shows how bad I have it!

M.M.M. From the North Eastern Corner said...

Ice storms and snow days exacerbate the problem, I need an intervention!