Monday, September 8, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

I have been sitting here trying to fashion some fine quilt of words to describe and update what is going on in my life and I just cant find the right materials.
My lodge's second half of the year began last Thursday without its Junior Warden. Even though I already knew I was not going to be there, because of my involvement in a community theater production that I became a part of over the summer, it was even harder not to go because on that day I received news that my job of the last ten years was soon to be no longer. It also happened to be my wife's birthday, so there were many things stacked against me popping in to say hello to my brethren after two months. I missed it dearly none the less.
For those of you who have read my blog from day one, or even month one, you would know that I am in firm belief that I was lead to the fraternity by my guardian angel, my departed son. My life in the past few years has taken a complete U-turn (or at least a major detour) from where it was before we found out about my son.
Through my interest in the craft I rediscovered many things that had been lost to my life. The introspection of the degrees rekindled my love of study and writing. The act of sitting in lodge and participating in the degrees returned my interest in theater, and the simple act of fellowship that comes from our fraternity restored a camaraderie that had been missing in my life.
In a relatively short time I left a shell that I had fashioned around myself and have re-found the life I was meant to live. Keep in mind that like all great teachers, Freemasonry did not just hand this to me with my dues card but allowed me to find these things on my own, which is always the best way to learn. I know for sure that I am closer to the man I was meant to be than I was before I knocked on the West Gate.
Could I have found this by joining some other organization? Perhaps. But I think it is the deeper aspects that only Freemasonry offers to those truly seeking, that helped me to blossom.
Although I have been one to always land on my feet after life throws you a curve. I am in a much better position now than I have ever been to know what the next pitch will be and to hit it out of the ballpark. We'll see.
Like the old saying goes;
God never closes a door without opening a window.


Gingerman said...

at just about the same time that I joined Freemasonry, my daughter died in bed upstairs in my home. She was thirty years old. No great illness, just a cold. My new brothers devoted the next meeting to prayer and presentations that supported me greatly. I understand how our fraternity helped get through this. Much better than any other institution.

Life can get in the way of so much, and time goes by. I've enjoyed your postings about your journey. Keep up the good work.

M.M.M. from the North Eastern Corner said...

Thanks for your kind words and continued support Brother.

Anonymous said...

NE, almost after I was installed Jr. Warden of my Mother Lodge in 1988, I was let go from my job. I had a hard time believing anyone would hire me in my chosen profession.

However, about six weeks later I finally got a job offer; minimum wage. And although I've actually been let go twice since, I've never been out of work since then (in the first case, I was re-hired in another capacity; in the second, I picked up the phone and called someone who had promised me a job a year earlier. He hired me on the spot).

What I'm feebly trying to say is I'm sure employment will come soon.