Friday, September 15, 2017

Memories Mean More, as I get older

Memories are like stars in the sky,
you can sometimes see them,
and sometimes you don't.
They are always there somewhere,
Hidden by light,
Hidden by clouds,
but always the background.
You need to sit still in the dark,
and look

Words, people, landscapes, stories from your life are real.
They happened.
In the blur of living they get added on everyday.
Hundreds upon hundreds,
Thousands upon thousands of new stars in your mind.

like Polaris or Sirius, are brighter than others and are easily found.
are like faded constellations, that you know where they are,
 but occasionly need time to orient yourself in the right direction on the right night to recognize.

There are some that exist,
 but can only be seen when you are in a completely different hemisphere of being.

The thing about them,
is that they are infinite,
far off glimmers of a distant time and place.
In reality and in the mind..

You need a night of no clouds and silence to stop and take them in to recall and reflect.

We all need to look at the stars more often,
We used to....