Thursday, February 7, 2013

Polarizing Light

Pure Light Radiates Everywhere.

The star your eye sees as a tiny speck of light in the nighttime sky is just the tiniest, infinitesimal fraction of the original radiance that occurred in every direction in a fusion reaction that happened in some unfathomable distance away from your visual cortex.
Think about that. Its like a hurricane blowing away a beach and you getting hit with one grain of sand on the opposite side of the world. You will never understand the beauty of the whole beach from the microscopic piece that hit you. Yet somehow we do.
Now take something that is semi transparent and block the light.
Light, if my rudimentary understanding of physics is correct, is an electromagnetic wave that travels everywhere. When an object is placed in between the source and our receptor it does not just get blocked completely but our ability to sense it does. This is an arbitrary loss of sense.
A piece of red glass does not change the pure light to red it limits what part of the light we see.
Light is unchanging.
Are you following yet?
Like a star, we beings of dust on this tiny rock in the universe, have the ability to radiate light.
Out of nothing we can create something.
That, is pure power.
Our thoughts and actions are sent out like light waves in all directions, to be received or not, but regardless if they happen to hit a sentient receiver, they exist.
When our waves of light are received by someone without a filter of prejudice or history or tradition they have the ability to resonate with that being and that light is given fully to another.
But we all have filters and lenses that polarize light.
How do we remove these things that change the way we see light that is emanated?
Its not easy.
First we must understand that we are all creators of light. No matter where it comes from it has the ability to bring something new to where something was not.
Second we must remove the filters that make us see the light in a different shade and recognize that polarized light is not what was originated from the source. It is and will always be pure and radiant.
And thirdly if we can, we must find what that light was originally intended to bring out of darkness because pure light radiates everywhere and illuminates.

The red light you see is only from a polarizing filter that is in between you and pure light.