Thursday, September 5, 2019

A Brother Came For A Visit

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash
Its always the same.
Long periods go by and then through coincidence or overdue planning, a visit occurs.
In the blink of an eye conversation returns just where it left off no matter how long the interruption.

Good to see you. Its been a long time. Although I have popped in a few times over the years. It was usually a test to see if I could write or not and for such a long time "I " have not been there to answer the test. Vagaries, poems and stabs at blogging is what I have been doing for a long time because I can honestly say my mind had not been my own. My past two posts have been in September a year apart. This one is exactly 364 days since my last.

What is it about September??

I spent 7-1/2 years working a very demanding job in a 24-7 industry. I learned a lot, I taught a lot, I traveled, I got angry, I laughed, and everything in between. After all the blood sweat and tears, my position and department were eliminated and I was set free.
"set free??"


My work was my life, well not exactly. I never let it become the end all be all of my existence, but due to my job and what I supported in that role; in between time with my family and a few extra curricular activities, it took up most of the rest of the grey matter in my skull. Despite its demands I am ever thankful for my landing that job. It helped to support my family and allow us to do just about anything we wanted to do.
The company I had been a part of was acquired by a bigger company and after a departmental development meeting it became clear to me that my time was short. I was furious at first but I had seen the writing on the wall since the purchase and started to think about where I was and where I wanted to be. What I was being forced into was a blessing in disguise and thankfully I recognized it as such.

So now I am free.

I started my own company and for 2 months or so the cloud over me is lifting and I am starting to feel like myself again! It has been so liberating. Although the worries about my business still worry me all the time, they are good because they are my own.

One of my best friends and brothers was recently over my house for a party and in no time at all we were addressing all the problems of the world and carrying on as usual. When Freemansonry came up, as it always does between us, during the usual "have you paid your dues yet?" conversation, we both brought up our dear friend who is now in the celestial lodge and how he had kept us in the fraternity for a good stretch and how much we missed him. JH must have been with us during this meeting because all of the sudden our "to demit or not demit" conversation turned into good thoughts of our traveling days and a warm feeling came back to me about the fraternity. We both loved what we were doing in the Order when we were in the thick of it and unfortunately the bad stuff had overshadowed the good for too long. The more we talked the more I wanted that person I was back. All of the sudden I had a blog post forming in my head. The feeling of that spark of creativity washed over my being and I welcomed it back with a smile.

Unfortunately for all of us, a few beers and great camaraderie washed away the profound post that I had in my head that night but here we are none the less. I'm Back.

Last night I listened to a Manly P Hall lecture "Reclaim the Mind"

I think I will!

Thanks NS. Thanks JH