Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Be or Not To Be......Impartial

Three meetings away from the East (maybe) and the trickle of good guidance has already begun. While attentively listened to and carefully pondered there is one piece of advice I have received from a few sources that I appreciate yet have a question to its legitimacy. The recommendation I have received is, if and when I assume the oriental chair, it would be in my best interest to remain neutral in all matters having to do with the lodge. Like a wise and impartial judge......
So while I can understand the logic behind the admonition, it just doesn't sit right with me or my idea of what a Worshipful Master should be.
The reason my astute Brethren believe that a WM should remain detached is that if the Master of the lodge takes a side or utters an opinion it would create dissension among the craft and who ever was on the other side of the Masters opinion would feel alienated and possibly effect the harmony of the lodge in a negative way.

So, in the name of unity the leader of the craft must walk on eggshells for a year, not offend anyone and flutter aimlessly like a great white flag high up on the pole above the fray?
I don't think so.
How does one lead without setting a course?
Not everyone will agree on the course but without direction you go nowhere.
While impartiality may serve a purpose in some matters it is not the top leadership imperative on my dossier next year.
I intend to lead my lodge not be lead by it.
A Mason is given a year by his Brothers to run the craft and if running a lodge means scheduling meetings and degrees for a year and scribbling a John Hancock every now and then, you can leave me off the list. I think a Master is meant to lead and how can you lead without taking a side every now and then. My idea of a Worshipful Master is one who with careful thought and planning lays out his trestleboard and with strong direction sets the craft to work.
You cant get a good stew without stirring the pot and I am getting my spoon ready.
There is much work to be done.
And although everyone may not agree with my decisions or direction they will know exactly why I will do things because I will tell them why with conviction and a clear head.
How did you run your lodge?
How do you think a WM should behave?