Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reflected Light

One aspect of light is that it can be reflected and redirected to somewhere where it was not found before. As an avid reader of others blogs I find my self sometimes so moved that I want to share what I read, and now is one of those times. So like the moon I can only redirect a cosmic light that shone somewhere else, but even reflected light illuminates.

Please go to my new found Brother Osiris's blog, Kingdom of Conscience, and read his Masonic Secrets. It is one of the best esoteric pieces of writing on our secrets that I have ever read.


Gingerman said...

I agree. Bro. Osiris is one of the best thinkers I've run across. I'm very glad to see this blog back, and hope he can keep it up.

Radcliffe said...

The idea that it is our outer workings that are known, yet that the more important work is unseen is nicely put.