Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Whom Do You Put Your Trust


Firm reliance in the honesty, dependability, strength, or character of someone or something.

Trust is something that should not be handed out lightly. The first question given to a candidate of the mysteries of Freemasonry by the master of his lodge, is the one whose answer the rest of his masonic life will be built upon. If that answer is coaxed or prodded or just given to satisfy the requirements of the degree and does not come from the heart, the candidate will never be a Mason. He may progress in the fraternity but will not be a member of the order.

Freemasonry is not a religion but it is religious. Our firm belief in a higher order of the universe is the rudder that keeps us on course to the better life. It matters not what your belief resembles in your imagination but that it is there.

Trust is something we give with no guarantee of a return yet it is handed out daily. We trust that many things we rely on will always work and be there but there is one thing we must trust that makes this life worth living.

Your Masonic journey is built upon trust. We put our trust in the candidates trust before we can trust him further. With more trust comes more truths and vise versa.

In whom do you put your trust?


Greg Stewart said...

This is a really a beautifully put post about one of my favorite questions.

In whom do you put your trust?

Tubal Cain said...

in whom do you put your trust?

Not title seeking freemasons, that is for sure.

I learned that lesson well

I put my trust in the men I share MY Lodge with. They are battle tested.
Masonically speaking.

Some southern expelled brothers I trust too.

I trust Brandt as well.