Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Night Before....

Twas the night before installation
and all through my head
the year that was coming
kept me from my bed.
The Brothers, the lodge
and the ritual so dear
will be my responsibility
for the upcoming year.
So I did what I do
I grabbed my netbook
to give all my favorite
Masonic Blogs a quick look.
First to the Tao
and Tom and his wit
on being brought to light....
on Linux? Bull ****
The Taper was filled
with more Halcyon stuff
while the Metaphysical Freemason
doing some Papal fluff.
Chequered Carpet hasn't written
in nearly a year.
But the Renaissance is back
so we need no longer fear
Justa Mason is sadly mourning
a fine lady Auntie Grace
and Paul Chapin went off on
some peacocks, full pace.
Its not Lodgical that Grail Quest
don't post much no more.
Masonic Traveler welcomed many
to Freemason Informations wide door.
The dead Masonic Blogroll
would keep me writing all night
so lets all welcome back
From Darkness to Light!


Tom Accuosti said...

Oh, bro, why you hatin' on the Linux?

You've been prepping for this for the last few years. Nobody is ever ready to take over, but we all manage to do it, somehow. With good, supportive officers behind you, and the wisdom, er, experience of the PMs ahead of you, and with you own drive and determination, you'll be a fine WM, and an asset to the lodge.

Trust me on this one.

M.M.M. from the North Eastern Corner said...

I couldn't think of a good rhyme for wit!
Thanks Tom